Regina & Southern Saskatchewan DJs


DJ Rhino

I have a genuine love for music. I listen to everything and enjoy playing all genres. I have been involved in the DJ scene since elementary school, hosting parties in my parent's garage and at school dances. I was always the first guy with the newest C.D.or mix tape to play. In May of 2003...
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DJ Odin

Music is a cornerstone of my life. It's a rare event to find me without headphones in my ears. I have been devoted to professionally djing for near on a decade and see no end in sight. My experience is wide in both event types musical genres and. I'm always looking for fresh material and...
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I am known as DJ BC, are you having a good time? I am! I have been with Rhino's Lighting and Sound since 2007.   I live with music, everything I do or where ever I go there has to be music. I enjoy all types of music, anything that has a beat I listen to. I have nothing but a great...
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DJ Boss

Im DJ BOS5 and I love all kinds of music from country, top 40 and everything in between. I have been working for the best Saskatchewan based mobile DJ company since 2008.  I believe that entertaining the audience is the most important part of any event. The audience dancing and...
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DJ Moose

Hey there! My name's Adam otherwise known as DJ Moose, I love all types of music, my most favourite type is classic rock. I grew up with a father being a DJ and always helping him when I was younger. When I was a teenager I started going out on my own to do dances. I graduated back in 2006 in...
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DJ K-Dub

My name is Kim AKA DJ K-dub! Music has always been a big part of my life. I love all types of music especially if it has a good beat to dance to and lots of bass. I make sure to do some research on what you want to hear for your event. This way you are never disappointed! I try to keep up with what is...
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DJ 2 Tones

Hey! I’m known as DJ 2 Tones and I consider myself a whole-hearted fan of music. I graduated from O’Neill in ’07. Ever since I joined O’Neill’s rock band, the Sax Pistols in grade 9, I’ve been on a quest to expand my knowledge and...
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DJ Ryder

Hey, I'm Ryder! I started dabbling in DJing back in early 2010, and in mid 2012 I started producing my own music on the side. I've been all about music my entire life, it didn't matter what the genre, I was willing to give everything a try at least once. My favourite type of music would have to be...
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DJ Robzi

Hello I'm DJ Robzi and I'm one of Regina’s highly sought after marquee DJs. Specializing in wedding entertainment but not limited to that.  Corporate, schools, and clubs I do it all.  I pack experience, energy and unmatched DJ talent that will...
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DJ Professor & Photo Booth Host

Hi my name is Brayden. I really enjoy music.  My favourite thing about DJing is creating a fun and memorable experience for people.  Some of the most memorable moments have come from the interesting requests I get, so I encourage everyone to come up and ask for their...
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Photo Booth Host

Hi I'm Ryan.  I started off with Rhino's as DJ RedDread a few years ago, and now I'm on the Photo Booth team instead!  Both sides of the job are great, I love working with technology, media, and people. Puzzles and problem solving are my jam, I like to think of songwriting and...
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Photo Booth Hostess

Hey everyone, my name is Jessica and I am one-third of the amazing team that makes up our photo booth team. You can usually find me by the props making sure everyone is finding what they are looking for and looking good while doing it. I love to make people happy and love listening to our...
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