Questions about Regina Saskatchewan DJ Photo Booth Lighting Videography Photography & Audio Video Production Services

How long have you being around? How many events have you played?

Rhino's Lighting & Sound was founded in 2003 at Regina, Saskatchewan.  We have provided DJ & photo booth enteratinment.  PA, audio, video, lighting & production services for hundreds of events in Regina and all over southern Saskatchewan, even stretching...
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Do you have a contract?

Yes we do.  We wouldn't operate any other way.  This protects you and us.  After we receive your booking info we will e-mail you a contract back to sign and return to us outling details and pricing.

How much of a deposit do you require?

We require a 25% non refundable retainer within 7 days of you receiving the contract.  We call it a retainer payment as a deposit is refunadable where a retainer is not.  You are paying to retain our services and equipment for your event.

How do you accept payment?

We accept cash, e-mail transfer, coporate cheques and online credit card payments.

How far in advance do you book out?

We are always taking bookings.  Book early to ensure your date DJ and or photobooth options are avaialbe.  12-18 months is a good rule.

When is my balance due?

Final payment is due before contracted services begin.  Payment can be made in cash at the event, e-mail transfer, or ONLINE credit card payment anytime beofre.  We offer billing for our corporate clients.  

What is the best way to check availability?

Contact us by e-mail, text, or phone and we will confirm if your date is available.

How do I book?

Simply fill out our online booking form to get started. Click the question for the link.

Can we meet up to go over our options?

Definitely!  We would love to meet with you to discuss your event.  We will buy the coffee!  Send us an e-mail to setup a time.  We can also chat by e-mail, phone, or text, whichever way is best for you.

Do we have to meet closer to the date?

Only if you want to.  We would setup a meeting with you and your DJ if you wish once you have provided all the final details.

How long do you play for?

We have options from 4 to 9 hours depending on your event, package, and venue.  

When do you require all my song selections and timeline?

About a month before your date we will send you an email with a link to a form on our website to fill out.  This will give us all your song selections, start times, important names, all the information we will require.

Do you take requests?

Yes we do and encourage them.  We treat requests like they are "requests"  You may not hear your song next but we will work it in to the flow of the event.  As DJ's we know what will keep everyone rocking.  

I have a specific request list will you accommodate this?

No problem.  Just keep in mind an average night consists of 60 songs when compiling your list.  The only thing we ask is not to give us a list with an order of songs to be played in.  This does not work well and generally means an early night.  Let us do the job you hired us...
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I have a do not play list!

No problem.  Music means something different to everyone.  If there is specific songs you don’t want played we won’t play them even if requested.

Do you offer any games?

No we don’t.  We keep everyone going through the music.  Although if there is something you would like to do we will definitely work with you on it.

Do you talk on the mic alot?

No no no!  We will make announcements for you, MC events, and encourage requests.  We’re DJs not comedians.  We will motivate everyone by playing great music.  If what we are playing isn't doing it changing the music will get your guests back up.

Will you be setup before my guests arrive? How long is setup?

If your event is in Regina we will be setup before anyone arrives.  If you are outside of Regina we will be setup before anyone arrives with our cocktail and dinner music packages. It takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your package and venue.

Do you have backup DJs available if our scheduled DJ can’t make it?

Yes we do.  We understand things happen, and people get sick.  We always have DJs on call.  Once booked we are committed to you.

Who is my DJ?

We determine this based on your information, equipment required, venue and availability.  If you are interested in someone let us know and we can check.

Should we count you for supper?

Yes please.  If we are present over cocktails and dinner a meal is required.

How will my DJ dress?

We dress appropriately for all types of events.  We blend in like one of your guests.

I’m having a band as well how does that work?

Awesome!  Live music is great.  Depending on the required needs we can work with your band to combine gear or provide full production if required.

Do you have more than one of the same package available?

No we do not.  To ensure you get the DJ, photo booth, lighting, PA, or video services you are wanting book as soon as possible.

I want to take advantage of more services than DJ, but I don’t know much about the venue. Can you help?

We have played hundreds of events all over Regina and southern Saskatchewan.  We can give you our recommendations from our knowledge and experience, or we will go check out the venue ourselves if we are not familiar with it.

Can I hook my slideshow audio up to your sound system?

Yes with all our cocktail and dinner music packages we do this for free.  We also offer projector, and screen add ons.

Do you have back up equipment with you?

We carry some back up equipment with us but not everything.  On the rare occasion a piece of equipment fails we have someone available 24 hours a day to bring out replacement gear.

Can you take care of our announcements after our MC is done?

No problem!  We will work with your MC throughout the program as well.

Where do you get your music from?

We are subscribed to many paid DJ only record pools updating our library weekly.  Our music is licenced by Connect Licencing in Canada.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry 2 million dollars in liability insurance to protect you, your guests and ourselves.

Are you a licensed in Saskatchewan?

Yes, we are a fully licenced and registered business in Regina, Saskatchewan We have a PST# and GST#

Do you do outdoor events?

Yes we do.  What’s better than the outdoors and music.  Weather dependent of course.  Shelter Required.

Can you bring power?

Yes we have a whisper generator available for small PA, ceremony, etc. type of events and we have a generator available for mid size production.

What do I have to provide for you?

All we need is a 6' table and power.  Please include this table in your decor so everything matches.   We use a banner to cover the front of the table and hide cabling.   We can leave it down if you prefer, but please provide us with a skirted table to keep everything looking...
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What is your cancellation policy?

Your 25% retainer is Non Refundable. It can be put towards another booking if cancelled more than 30 days before the contract date. If cancelled less than 30 days 50% of contract is due upon cancellation. If cancelled less than 14 days 100% of contract is due upon cancellation.