Music is my life, and it fills each day with joy. I've been playing the cello for more than 20 years, and I enjoy all kinds of music, especially K-pop, EDM, and 90s hits. I hope my music can bring happiness and meaning to your special events. I'm excited to explore and play other genres and songs that you'd like to hear! Don't hesitate to approach me and request that song that's been on repeat in your mind. Let's create a memorable experience together, where the power of music touches hearts and creates lasting memories.


As a musician, my ultimate goal is to spread happiness and meaning through music whether it be my own or playing someone else's. I believe that every event is an opportunity to create a magical atmosphere where melodies and rhythms become the language of emotions. Whether it's a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion, I am committed to providing a musical experience that exceeds your expectations.


One of the things that excite me the most is exploring new genres and learning new songs. If there's a specific song that holds a special place in your heart, don't hesitate to approach me and share your request. I am always eager to connect with people on a musical level and bring their favorite tunes to life. Together, we can create a truly unforgettable experience where the power of music transcends barriers and leaves a lasting imprint on everyone's hearts.


I invite you to embark on this musical journey with me, where every note has the potential to create magic and touch souls. Let's collaborate to make your event a memorable celebration filled with melodies that resonate with your guests. Get in touch with Rhino's Lighting & Sound today, and let's bring the power of music to your special occasion.


Started DJing Professionally: 2023


Type of Experience: Weddings, Schools, Private


Preferred Mixer: Pioneer DDJ SX2


Favourite Genre: 80’s, 90’s, K pop, EDM


Favourite Party Starter: Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars


Package: You will commonly find me working with The Classic and The Classic Enhanced options.