120 in. Post & Cradle Screen


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120 in. Post & Cradle Projector Screen

This diagonal-measured 120 inch post and cradle screen will ensure everybody in the room gets a great view when paired with a great projector.

The right size projector screen can make or break your viewing experience. With so many different sizes available, it can be difficult to determine which type of screen best meets your needs. Leave it to us to bring the best equipment for your event that suits your venue and guest count.

The vibrant colors leap from the screen, with incredible clarity that ensures an immersive experience. The large size and HD-ready resolution combine in perfect harmony to provide an unbeatable viewing experience.

Ensuring everyone in the room can see what is going on is a crucial part of any successful event. As an event planner, it is your responsibility to guarantee that all attendees have an optimal view of the program. Achieving this can be difficult in certain venues, but with the right planning and layout, you can ensure everyone gets a great view. Utilizing a well-positioned stage, adjusting seating, and ensuring adequate lighting are all key components to consider when aiming to provide an inclusive event experience. Building a solid understanding of the specifics of the event venue and meticulously designing the seating plan to meet the needs of every individual present is a crucial part of creating a memorable event experience for everyone who attends. With sound planning and organizational skills, a successful event can be put together that ensures everybody present has a fantastic view.