Professional High-Quality 2X6 Dye-Sub Prints 

Adding Extra Fun to Your Booth Experience! Every guest in the photo will receive a print to keep. Guests will always remember your event with these special keepsakes.

Whether it be for a wedding, school event, or any other occasion, photo booths are a wonderful and exciting way to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of your guests. Picture them standing in front of the photo booth, striking poses and creating funny faces for a fun and exciting night. With the prints they’ll get to take home with them, they will forever have a reminder of an enjoyable event.

The photo booth isn’t just a typical box to snap pictures in; they are filled with a wide variety of props that your guests can use to style up their pictures and add to the memorable night. Hats, crazy signs, and even wild accessories add to the entertaining feel of the photo booth. The props create many lasting memories of fun events, not only in the hearts and minds of the guests but also in a physical print form they can take home to enjoy and show others.

A photo booth is great for any event needing an extra something to be remembered. Wedding guests will be having a blast with the fun props and taking pictures with family and friends, and the prints they’ll wake away with will become instant mementos for them to look back on and reminisce about the happy day for years to come. Not to mention, it’s become a popular way for couples to scrapbook from the wedding, collecting prints of all their lovely guests.

Make your next event something special with a photo booth! Have a memorable night for you and your guests, create keepsakes with the prints you'll take home, and celebrate the love of new beginnings and lasting memories to last a lifetime.

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Extra print media charges may apply for events running 4+ hours.