99 in. Tripod Projector Screen

Enjoy the Visuals on a 99 inch Diagonal Tripod Projector Screen

This portable tripod screen can fit in the smallest of venues. The full 99 inches do not have to be utilized. Completely adjustable to the space you have available.

Express your creative work to a wide audience by showcasing it on a projector or screen. Whether you need to fill a venue or simply project work onto a wall, don't let your creations go unnoticed. By utilizing a projector or screen, you can allow your viewers to fully experience and appreciate your creative talent. Utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art hardware, you can create a stunning visual masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression. Whether it is a slideshow, video, or movie being displayed at weddings, corporate events, proms, graduations or any other event give your guests the best view possible with a projector and screen.

Sized perfectly for smaller venues and groups! Featuring a lightweight design and optimum portability, the small size and high-quality performance make it an excellent choice for any smaller space. With easy setup and tear down, you'll have a vibrant projection with crystal clear picture quality in no time, giving your audience the best viewing experience. Prepare to wow your guests and let the memories of stunning visuals last for years to come!