• Sound system for up to 250 guests
  • Four LED Lights (Flash to the music)
  • One Mix Board with AUX hookup
  • One wireless microphone and stand
  • Setup and tear down

Do it yourself is for those who would rather take care of the music themselves but don't know how to hook up professional audio equipment. Instead of renting speakers, lights, and a box of wires let us take care of the setup and tear down. Plug your computer, phone, tablet, iPod, or instrument in and enjoy a worry-free evening when everything works the way it should. We will set up before your event and show someone whom you designated to operate the equipment. We include a wireless handheld mic and stand as well as an auxiliary cable. If you need a different hook up just let us know. We will then return at the end of the night to pack up the equipment. No hassles, no worries, it's just done and ready to go. We also offer 24-hour free phone, text, or e-mail support should you need it. There are many great pro audio, video & lighting rental companies in Regina, but that doesn't help you if you don't know how to hook up professional equipment. The downside with this option is you are not licensed to play the music. If you are using music copied onto a hard drive, computer, any MP3 type device, CDRs, cassettes or mini-discs you will require a single event license through Connect Music Licensing. (Link opens in a new window) We can help you with this process.

DIY Add Ons