2 Hour Music Bingo Game DJ Add-On


Music Bingo

We bring:

  • Two Hours of Consecutive Music Bingo Service 
  • Customized winning "BINGO" Light Show with The Bling or Main Event DJ Packages
  • One Game Show Host or Hostess (May Double as DJ)
  • 10 Rounds of Music Bingo with a 10-minute break halfway 
  • Your Choice of over 60 Popular Playlists and Growing
  • Your Prizes are Listed Within the Custom Music Bingo Game we Build For Your Event (Prize information is required ten days before the event)
  • Full Event Technical Support

You provide:

  • The Venue in a strong mobile network location OR
  • Strong Wi-Fi for up to 250 devices to connect simultaneously
  • Up to 250 eager Music Bingo Players using their own internet-connected devices to play (Multiple Games Available to Accommodate Events of any size)
  • Prizes For Each Round

Experience the Excitement of Music Bingo Event Entertainment with Rhinos Lighting & Sound. This add-on to any DJ package adds a unique and engaging element to your event! This interactive game combines the best of bingo and music, allowing guests to guess songs instead of numbers. Joining the game is simple, all your guests need is an internet-connected device with a strong Wi-Fi or network connection. No app downloads are required. With a variety of over 60 playlists to choose from and the ability to upload your prize list to the bingo game, everything is customized to fit your event perfectly. 


Prices do not include GST

$35 Transport fee applies inside Regina and within a 28km radius of Regina

Contact us for travel rates outside the 28km radius of Regina 

All bookings outside the 28km radius of Regina from November 1st through April 30th are subject to accommodation charges to ensure our team member's safety

New Year's Eve and stat holiday surcharge applies

We require a 25% retainer of the total cost including tax to secure your date, selected package, and equipment within 7 days of your booking

Fill out our online booking form to receive a contract with retainer payment options in your inbox

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