Add some extra thump to your event with an extra subwoofer.

Adding an extra subwoofer to our pro audio setup is a great way to give your large event an extra thump. With a Subwoofer, bass becomes the star of the show, allowing your guests to feel your music with more power and clarity. Subwoofers are ideal for Events and Venue production of all sizes, giving the event a larger sound - whatever the size. They also reduce distortion and provide a deeper audio experience, helping the overall sound of the event to stand out even more. So if you want to give your big bash an extra jolt, look no further! An extra Subwoofer could be exactly what you need to take your event to the next level. With a Subwoofer you can make sure your party 'basses' out!

Are you utilizing a large venue and or hosting more than 250 people? Then you definitely want to add some extra power to the party with a second subwoofer.

If you're planning a large event of more than 250 people, you'll want to make sure you have enough power and punch to keep the party going. A subwoofer is a specially designed speaker that provides extra deep bass and a much fuller sound, perfect for larger venues and events. Adding a second subwoofer will ensure that your audio setup is able to provide enough sound to fill a large room so that everyone can experience it the same way. In addition to providing fuller sound for large events, having two subwoofers can help make the overall sound quality of the audio setup more balanced and clear. No matter how large your event is, having a powerful, well balanced sound system will ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the experience. So if you're hosting a large event with 250 or more people, consider adding an extra subwoofer to take your event to the next level. In addition to more bass add 2 Speakers for additonal mid/high power.