Upgraded Sound

With our Upgraded Sound System, guests at your event over 250 people won't have to worry about not being able to hear everything and everyone loud and clear! We'll provide two active hard-hitting 18-inch bass bins and two 15-inch mid/high cabinets so that everyone in the venue can enjoy great sound quality without having to strain to hear. This upgrade is essential for larger venues and events to ensure that everyone can experience your event the way it should be experienced: with amazing sound! With larger crowds, it is imperative for the audio equipment to be able to push the sound for everyone to be able to hear, and the improved system will provide the quality of sound your guests deserve. Don't let your event be held back by a substandard sound system not powerful enough to fill your venue. Go even bigger. Double the upgraded sound system to an 8-box system consisting of 4 18” subs and 4” 15” speakers.