Stunning First Wedding Dance On a Cloud 

Create the perfect dreamy and romantic atmosphere for your wedding with the use of dry ice. Dry ice, also known as fog or smoke, is the perfect way to create a sublime first dance or give your guests the experience of dancing on a cloud. For decades dry ice has been used to transform a dance floor into a mystical landscape, and is now becoming increasingly popular for wedding receptions. Along with creating a stunning visual effect, this witchy mist will also create an atmosphere of romance and mystery. 

Dry ice is certainly the best way to make your wedding stand out and give you and your guests one of the most memorable experiences of your life. And there is certainly no better way to do it than with this magical ‘cloud’ that will float around the dance floor. Not only does it look great but it smells great too, as it evaporates into the atmosphere with the help of the music. This will give you and your guests an outstanding and unparalleled experience.

The possibilities of creating the perfect dreamy atmosphere with the use of dry ice are truly endless and the atmosphere your wedding will create will be one of a kind. So make sure to get the most out of your wedding and give your guests the experience of a lifetime with this cost effective and beautiful way to make your wedding unique and special. Let your guests experience the magical first dance of your dreams with the mellow and captivating atmosphere created by dry ice - making your wedding a dream come true.

Experience a Cloud Effect with Your Love on Your Special Day! Let your wedding be unforgettable when you dance on a cloud! Everyone will feel the romantic atmosphere and be moved by your first dance. Make your wedding an event that you’ll never forget, giving it a unique touch that nobody else has experienced before. Guests will be in awe when you rise up together, levitating to the sky. Take your loved one’s hand and together you’ll dance above the clouds, with no worries or distractions. It’ll be an incredible moment that will never be forgotten and will live in your memories forever. Make it an unforgettable experience shared with the person you love most. Create a magic full of stars, showcasing your connection together and your love. Our services guarantee you cloud effect on your wedding day, so you and your guest can reminisce and cherish your special moments of joy. Enjoy a cloud effect experience with your love and take your wedding into the sky! For added Special FX check out our GOBO Monogram options.