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Plug n Play DJs for Regina & Southern Saskatchewan. Bring Big City DJs, Sound & Lights to Your Small-Town Bar.


You're ready to take your small-town bar to the next level and give your local music scene the boost it's been craving! Now you can bring experienced DJs, top-notch sound systems, and spectacular lighting to play your local night club or spot anywhere in Saskatchewan. Whether you're looking to hire a Regina nightclub DJ, a Club DJ for your Saskatchewan bar, or a professional who can spin all types of music, we've got you covered. We can provide you with experienced DJs who know how to keep the dance floor packed, stunning light effects to get your customers in the mood, and superior sound equipment to guarantee an unforgettable club experience. We are more than just great DJs, we also provide the best in lighting, audio, video, photography, videography & photo booth entertainment. Rhino's Lighting & Sound wants the event to be successful just as much as you do. That is why we will promote the event on our website & social media channels to help spread the word. Check out Saskatchewan DJ Event Listings. Let's bring big-city DJs, sound, and lights to your small-town bar and show the world what you've got!


DJ sound system set up in the multipurpose room at the UofR


Top Quality DJ Services for Bars & Nightclubs across Saskatchewan


Experience Top Quality DJ Services and turn your Bar or Nightclub into the quintessential destination for dancing and entertainment! Are your customers looking for Regina's best Nightclub and Bar DJs? Look no further! Our team of expert DJs provides an unbeatable dance experience that is tailored to the needs of your establishment. Our services include providing a selection of upbeat music to get your guests on the dance floor for hours on end. Or, if you wish to create a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere, we cater to that as well - just let us know! Whether it's a special event, happy hour, corporate event, or any other occasion, we aim to make your club or nightspots the go-to hub for all your guests' entertainment needs. Get your Yorkton club or bar to the top with our DJ services! We make it our mission to provide your venue with the highest quality music, audio production, and lighting. Our DJs are all well-equipped with the latest technology and sound equipment. We either plug into the house sound system or we can bring a hard club-hitting audio system to you with a dynamic light show. One night only to every weekend contract rates available. By using our DJ event service you are guaranteed to have a top DJ every night. No more scrambling last minute Friday at 5 p.m. Sign up with us & rest assured you will have a high-quality entertaining DJ and you can worry about the many other important parts of your business. Let our DJs entertain your patrons with the best music, lighting, & photo booth entertainment services available. As much as we love seeing a packed dance floor, a bar surrounded by customers is just as pleasing. You can rely on us to turn your guests into party animals, no matter the occasion! Contact our team today and make sure your Moose-Jaw venue is the top spot in town for all your dance and nightclub needs.


Mirror Photo Booth set up at a night club in Regina


Custom Audio, Lighting, and DJ Packages for Every Event


Are you looking for a custom-made package for your next event? At Rhino’s Lighting & Sound, we are dedicated to providing custom solutions for every project we work on. Whether you are hosting a club, dance, or nightclub event, we have a package tailored to fit your specific requirements. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to create an unforgettable experience. Our packages include top club DJ services, top-notch audio and lighting equipment, and much more. Have a big star coming to your bar? We can compliment your house system with additional sound & lighting production equipment. All our packages are completely customizable to what you need. We understand the importance of each event and will strive to make your dream a reality. Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom-made packages, and let us help you create an event to remember. We employ many talented & diverse DJs. We will have someone available to suit your requirements based on your client's taste, event theme, or whatever style of DJ you are looking for.


Behind the DJ booth rocking the party with turntables