The Wedding Boom is upon us…

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The Wedding Boom is upon us…

What a summer wedding season so far!

Thank you to all our past and future clients for trusting Rhino’s Lighting & Sound’s wedding services for on your wedding day! We’re only halfway through a record season, and looking forward to celebrating with so many more of you.

With basically being shut down, along with every other entertainment and event service in Regina and around the world for the past 2.5 years, 2022 is on fire. Weddings, weddings, and more weddings. The backlog of postponements, combined with all the new engagements over the past 2.5 years is leading to a record amount of weddings in 2022, 2023, and even into 2024. We, unfortunately, had some of our DJs and photo booth team members make some life changes during covid and are no longer with us, this making for an extra busy summer and upcoming winter season training more great DJs, techs, and photo booth hosts that you have come to expect from Rhino’s Lighting & Sound.

Bright Beautiful Gobo at a wedding in Regina

Like many other companies, covid made us seriously consider where we go from here. 2020 was shaping up to be a very busy wedding season as many couples wanted that big 2020 number as their date. Then just like a light switch getting turned off, it was all gone. We had made some investments into new equipment in 2019 in anticipation of the busy 2020 season which was not able to be used to its full potential until the 2022 wedding season.  Just like your vehicle payment, our equipment payments did not stop, and we had very little coming in.  We were fortunate enough to take advantage of a few government programs to help get us through.  Although this nowhere covers the day-to-day expenses of running a business, it was a huge help to keep pushing us forward to get through to the end of the pandemic. Not to mention all the couples that were booked without new dates as they were just in limbo waiting to plan the best day ever!  We couldn’t let them down.  The 2021 wedding booking season started great, but just like 2020 it slowly fizzled. This was easier to handle this time as we were more prepared. Everyone could see the shutdowns and restrictions coming back again across the world. The slow 2021 season gave us some time to begin researching new and more equipment as we knew 2022 was going to be insane and the next few years to come. So we went all in and invested even more into the company.  We replaced and added to our inventory all-new microphones, speakers, sub-woofers, moving lights, basic DJ lighting, truss systems, and stands with brand new, modern, and technologically advanced equipment. We believe in spending money once. We only buy the best in gear to ensure the best in quality at your wedding.  With purchasing this much new equipment we have felt the supply chain issues. Our order was placed in December of 2021 and we are still waiting as of today August 3, 2022, for some equipment from select manufacturers.  It is truly amazing how much everything in the world is interconnected.

Wedding DJ at Country Acres and Events

We have seen a small shift in weddings this year with not as many people dancing until later on in the evening. Pre-Covid we found this happened in small towns more often than not. It seemed like lots of liquid courage was needed to get most going in the country. Don’t get me wrong people are tearing up the dance floor all night, but many are busy socializing first as nobody has seen each other for so long.  Weddings have always in a way been a family reunion, which is now apparent more than ever. Not to worry if this happens at your wedding, we still read the room to ensure everybody is enjoying the music. Tapping their foot, head bobbin, and singing along is what we like to see with those guests who don’t get up to dance. Every guest list and wedding is different. Our wedding DJs ensure to cater to all music tastes, and guests of all ages.

Wedding DJ at Sherwood Forest Barn

If you’re on the fence about booking Rhino’s Lighting & Sound for your wedding day, just check out our Google Reviews (opens in new window) and Facebook Reviews (opens in new window) to ease your mind. We always strive to provide the best in wedding entertainment services, and our amazing client reviews show that. Our top-notch DJ, Lighting, and Photo Booth services are guaranteed to have your guests rocking to the music all night long while capturing funny, fun, and memorable photos at the photo booth. When average won’t do for your day, book one of Regina Saskatchewan’s best wedding DJs.