Photo Booth Entertainment

We offer a sleek and stunning open air photo booth and a magic mirror photo booth rental service in Regina and southern Saskatchewan.  Complete with a host or hostess, a ton of props, share station and your choice of backdrop.  Our first booth option allows you to customize the shell of the photo booth to match your decor with the internal L.E.D. lighting.  We can also have the booth set to rotating colours, or flash to the DJ or bands music. It's not just a photo booth it's a decor piece in itself adding an elegant and clean look to any event.  Our second booth is the incredible Mirror X.  This booth is a giant interactive touch screen.  Standing just over 6 feet tall this mirror booth will make a statement at any event.  We have had our photo booths out at many functions and businesses in Regina and surrounding areas including weddings, Christmas parties, staff parties, corporate events, promotions, grand openings, activations, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, clubs, pubs, lounges, celebrations, fundraisers, galas, community events and sporting events. We can setup our photo booth for any type of event. If you are looking for a fun, and interactive element for your event this is it!




Photo booths are an amzing way to capture pictures, memories and personalized messages from your guests.  You will be very busy on your wedding day and it may surprise you but you will not get to talk to every single one of your guests, as hard as you may try.  With our photo booth each guest or group of guests can leave you with a photo and written message just in case they missed you.  In addition to the amazing memories you will make it is also a great form of entertainment during down time to keep your guests occupied.  Great addition for cocktail hour or the break between the ceremony and start of the reception.  Or how about an interactive and fun option for a guestbook instead of the traditional pen and paper. No need for one of your friends, family or co-workers to sit at the door. Let our hosts and hostesses welcome your guests to the event with a photo for them and you to cherish forever. You will get a memory book filled with photos and messages as well as an online gallery of all your guests. Then let the fun begin again after dinner and the program with props, silly poses and many photos.




For our corporate clients this is a great way to create and show awareness about your brand.  The prints will hang on the fridge with your logo, the digital photos will be shared across social media with your logo on it.  The users will remeber your brand for years to come because of a single picture.  You can choose from one of our backdrops, use your own, use a custom one we can get made for you, or use green screen technology to create one or a choice of multiple backgrounds.  While the users are sharing the photos across multiple platforms we can capture data for you such as name, e-mail, phone number, etc.  We can then send the data capture file to you in an easy to read and edit excel file.  Use a photo booth for your next promotion, newest product or service, or strictly as customer entertainment while capturing data.  After the work is done give your employees a fun form of entertainment to let loose.  Staff or Christmas parties, afterparty for the big conference or convention, or just a fun Friday afternoon.  Why not add a memory book as well?  We will put a print in a book with a space for your staff to write a message.  You can then leave this around the office, lunch room or common area for everyone to look back on throughout the year.  Choose your yearly event to get an updated one at.


Birthdays Anniversaries Reunions


What better way is there than a photo booth to get studio quality digital and printed photos of your family and friends?  There is none.  Everyone is very busy these days and large gatherings of friends and families are far and few between.  If you are celebrating a birthday an anniversary or a reunion a photo booth is not only a great form of enetertainment but a great time to get updated photos while everyone is present.  Not only will you get prints of the photos you will also receive a digital copy to use for next years Facebook event picture.  We can customize the props and template to the age, theme or milestone you are celebrating.  Add a memory book to your event a receive a book filled with photos and messages from your closest friends and family.


Fundraisers Galas Community and Sporting Events 


Our photo booth is a great form of family, friendly fun.  Capture pictures of everyone from your day either using our funny props or go without and capture the theme of your event.  Use green screen technology to create hockey, ringette, football, baseball, or any other sporting cards. Put yourself right in the action hitting that home run or kicking the game winning field goal.  Use our backdrops or we can get a custom one made for your event.  We offer discounted rates for non profit organizations. Alternatively you could search for a sponsor that we would gladly pass on the discounted rate to and brand the template with their logo and or contact info as well as the events logo and info.  The sponsors logo would be printed hundreds of times and spread across social media for weeks to come.


Any other type of event


If you don't see your event above don't worry just contact us and we will come up with a plan.  We can setup anywhere and for any type of event.  Think you have a crazy idea?  Try us.  We love crazy!


All our options include:



  • Dedicated host or hostess

  • Tons of props including signs, hats, boas, glasses, etc.

  • DSLR Camera

  • Choice of multiple backdrops

  • Unlimited sessions within booked time

  • Customized template and start screen Check out all our template options here

  • Share station to text, e-mail or upload photos to social media

  • Online Gallery


Choose From: Standard or Mirror Booth



  • 2 Hours- Digital Only including Share Station (Text,E-Mail,Social Media) 100 Guests (Not available for Mirror X)

  • 3 Hours- Digital Only including Share Station (Text,E-Mail,Social Media) 175 Guests

  • 4 Hours- Digital Only including Share Station (Text,E-Mail,Social Media) 250 Guests

  • 5 Hours- Digital Only including Share Station (Text,E-Mail,Social Media) 300+ Guests
    Longer time slots and multi day activations available.





  • 2X6 Prints (Print for each guest in the photo)

  • 4X6 Prints (Print for each guest in the photo)

  • Green Screen

  • Gifs/Boomerang

  • Memory Book (Print of each photo with a space for a written message)

  • Wedding Favours

  • Print Folders

  • Data Capture


In addition to the above we offer an interactive and fun option for a guestbook instead of the traditional pen and paper.  No need for one of your friends, family or co-workers to sit at the door.  Let our hosts and hostesses welcome your guests to the event with a photo for them and you to cherish forever.  You will get a memory book filled with photos and messages as well as an online gallery of all your guests.  Then let the fun begin again after dinner and the program with props, silly poses and many photos.


We offer a discounted rate when the photo booth is paired with any of our DJ, photography and videography packages.

We have 6 different backdrops to choose from:
Silver Sequin

Gold Sequin

Wood Panel

Black and White Damascus




Green Screen


We can create any kind of backdrop for you with green screen technology.   Just like you see on TV with the weather reporters.   The possibilities are endless with this option.   Superheroes, city skylines, sporting events or a step and repeat like we created below are just a few of what we have done with green screen.   Having a green themed party?   Or an event on a Roughrider game day?   Green screen may not work to well, for this reason we also offer blue screen.   Everything works the same except the screen is blue and anybody wearing green will be seen in the photo.   Too bad for those Bomber fans!