DJ Rydr

Hey, I'm Ryder! I started dabbling in DJ'ing back in early 2010, and by 2012 I was producing my own stuff. Music is my life, it doesnt matter what genre, I'm willing to give everything a listen at least once. I don't really have a favourite type of music, my personal playlist ranges from Pink Floyd To deadmau5 and everything in between.


I have DJed at a little bit of everything: raves, festivals, weddings, house parties, you name it. I'm fairly on top of the latest music so you know I'll always have your request!


Started DJing Professionally: 2010


Type of Experience: Weddings, Schools, Corporate, Private, Festivals


Preferred Mixer: Pioneer DDJ SX2


Favourite Genre: Any and All


Favourite Party Starter:  I Got a Feeling Black Eyed Peas


Package:  You will commonly find me working with The Bling, The Main Event & The Prestige.