DJ Rydr

Hey, I'm Ryder! I started dabbling in DJing back in early 2010, and in mid 2012 I started producing my own music on the side. I've been all about music my entire life, it didn't matter what the genre, I was willing to give everything a try at least once. My favourite type of music would have to be electronic and most of the latest EDM. But i still listen and play to every other genre, because all music was meant to be listened and enjoyed. I have DJed at a little bit of everything like, raves, festivals, weddings, parties and everything in between. I'm always on top of the latest music so you know Ill always have your request!


Started DJing Professionally: 2010


Type of Experience: Weddings, Schools, Corporate, Private, Festivals


Preferred Mixer: Pioneer DDJ SX2


Favourite Genre: Any and All


Favourite Party Starter:  I Got a Feeling Black Eyed Peas


Package:  You will commonly find me working with The Bling, The Main Event & The Prestige.