Professional High Quality 4X6 Dye-Sub Prints

Capture special memories with lasting prints at your next photo booth experience.

Celebrate timeless love and joy with 4x6 postcard prints, the perfect way to preserve those special memories from your wedding day, prom, Christmas Party, or any other type of event. Our photo booth offers an engaging, interactive experience that will capture the fun, laughter, and energy of the big day in prints that will keep the amazing memories alive of your event. Looking for the traditional photo booth strips? Check out our 2X6 Prints.

With the right extra touches, your event can be unforgettable. Enhance the experience with a photo booth to create memories that will last a lifetime. From weddings to corporate gatherings, these special extras provide additional entertainment for your guests and make the occasion more special. Photo booths allow guests to capture priceless moments, and take home physical prints that can be treasured and shared. For wedding receptions, a photo booth provides a fun way for guests to remember the day, while a corporate event could benefit from a branded booth that leaves attendees with a more personalized memory. Their easy setup and classic fun make photo booths the perfect addition to any event. Go the extra mile and make your event stand out with a photo booth that will ensure your event is remembered for years to come.

Extra print media charges may apply for events running 4+ hours.